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15 Best Theme Parks in the World

“Being able to provide for the family is important but when living without RECREATION is like a car without gas. It’s stopped and parked waiting to be taking away. So why not give it some gas and take it to a wonderful place.”

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Heidi C. Martel

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Soak City the USA, I’m Heidi and I love to go to theme parks whenever I get the chance. Themeparks is fun enjoyable and Recreational. you’ll feel the rush of adrenaline whenever you ride the roller coasters. I’d like to share with you the best Theme Parks in the world.

“Therapeutic Recreation is about not about looking at the capabilities of the individuals but the abilities that make that individual who they are.”


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Disney World Online Tickets Are One Click Only

Walt Disney World is just one of the world’s most famous attractions. The world of Wally Walt Disney started around 1971 with one theme park now includes four theme parks, two 24 hotel designed water resorts and almost every kind of sport and entertainment imaginable.


Hershey’s Park Spring Stroller Parade March 2009

What better way to celebrate early spring, than to join Hershey’s Springtime Stroller Parade in Hershey’s Park, America’s number one theme park in Northeastern America. Stroller Parade opens Hershey’s Park every spring, a pay-as-summer weekend preview.


The Most Exotic Amusement Park in the World

Whether it’s a child hiding from monsters in his crib or an adult carrying the workload of his office, the thrill of amusement parks captivating adults as much fascinates a child. Some are blown away by fairy tale scenes while others seek adrenaline, and then there

Amusement Park and Casino Style Rides

With the advent of themed resorts in the past few years, the options for people looking to build an amusement park and casino are becoming increasingly diverse. While there is still some stigma attached to these projects at, most are very successful. It is important to remember, however, that these projects have their drawbacks as well as their benefits.

One of the biggest problems encountered by developers building these type of resorts and parks is that they are often much more expensive than other similar options in town. The problem with a themed resort or park in this case is that it is a much bigger commitment. That means there are a lot of details and financial details that come into play. When you factor in the cost of renting a real estate property and all of the necessary utilities that go along with operating a full time operation, you may end up spending more than you had intended.

The other issue is the difficulty of finding quality entertainment while on the road. Many theme and amusement park developers are finding it difficult to find entertainment for their parks without hiring in outside contractors. This creates a problem because the park operator has to pay for the services of the contractors and, depending on the area, may have to pay a hefty sum as well. In addition, some of these rides and attractions will require heavy-duty construction. These two factors can easily put a damper on any plans of opening an amusement park and casino.

Some amusement park and casino developers have found it easier to attract customers by including rides and other attractions in their parks. The incorporation of rides such as the slacklining tower, giant snow slide and fire engine roller coaster have proven to be popular choices. When you take into consideration all of the variables involved in operating a park, you can understand why the incorporation of rides has become a more viable option. At the same time, these rides are much less expensive to operate than the amenities that need to be in place in order to meet guests’ needs.

There are several roller coasters in existence that can serve as a great attraction. For example, both Six Flags Magic Mountain and Cedar Point in Ohio offer several fun rides that will give families and individuals hours of entertainment. The Cedar Point amusement park in Maryland offers the slackline tower as well as several other coasters. Many people do not realize the amount of money that is spent on keeping these amusement parks in shape, but the amount of money that is spent on the attraction of rides and other attractions is actually quite substantial.

The other obstacle is the issue of construction and the difficulty of building things in a specific area. For example, Cedar Point, USA has one of the largest amusement park complexes in the world. However, construction on the lakefront was very difficult because the lake was constructed in an unnatural shape. The lake, as well as several other attractions, including the Vertical Line, is still standing today, but there is currently another theme park located across the water from Six Flags Magic Mountain called the Wild Coast Amusement Park.

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"Therapeutic Recreation Specialists are special people that not only touch the lives of the individuals we work with but they improve their quality of life by successfully allowing them to overcome barriers, achieve leisure optimally with limited about of assistance."
Pamela Higginbotham
Second Year, Brock University Recreation and Leisure Student


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