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Find the Best Amusement Attractions and Water Parks in the Country

If you’re looking for a place to relax this summer, consider exploring water or amusement parks in NJ, OH, or FL. Here are three that offer fun for people of all ages.

Even though it looks like summer is a lifetime, warm weather will blanket the country in just a few months. If you’re starting the vacation planning process, here are some of the many different amusement and water parks in NJ and around the country.

Water and Amusement Parks in NJ

If you want to stay overnight on the East Coast, a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey could be the place. Even though ‘Jersey Shore’ is now known worldwide for being a place for 20-something to enjoy a summer of fun, it has been a place for family and friends to enjoy over the years. Morey’s Piers, located in Wildwood, is one of NJ’s best water and amusement parks. Morey’s Piers offers a number of different activities for Guests, including water slide, wave pool, roller coaster, giant Ferris wheel, swing, and more. This attraction is open April 7, depending on the weather and one-day tickets start at $ 48 for children and $ 64 for adults. Families can take advantage of the special family ticket which offers 4 tickets for $ 225. Season tickets are available for residents at $ 300 for children or adults over 25 and $ 425 for adults 25 and under.

Find Water Parks in the Midwest

If you can’t make it to New Jersey, you’re still lucky. Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH is located right on the shore of Lake Erie. Here, visitors can experience a water park with dozens of attractions, slides, and more. The park also has four different areas for children that have special roller coasters, games and shows all specially designed for children. A seasonal pass for Cedar Point costs $ 110 per person, while a day pass costs $ 52 for adults and $ 27 for children. If visitors want to enjoy the water park, they have to pay an additional $ 25 per person.

Attraction in Florida

Florida is known for Disney, but it’s not the only place to visit in the Sunshine State. In Islands of Adventure, visitors can enjoy The Wizarding World of Harry PotterÔ and visit the village of Hogsmeade and enjoy new rides such as Flight of the Hippogriff and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. If Harry Potter isn’t for you, you can still enjoy Islands of Adventure. If you are with young children, visit Dr. Seuss at Seuss Landing, while dinosaur fanatics can experience Jurassic Park first-hand. One day trip to Islands of Adventure costs $ 85 for adults and $ 79 for children. You can combine your visit with Universal Studios’ Florida and guests receive a discount if they stay for more than one day.

Whether you’re visiting amusement or water parks in NJ, OH, FL, or across the country, these are just a few of the many options. If you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation that family members of all ages can enjoy, consider visiting theme parks in NJ, FL, or OH.